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Sony сообщила о том, что издание God of War Collection для Playstation 3, в которое войдут улучшеные God of War, God of War 2 и код для скачивания демо-версии God of War 3, можно будет приобрести 17-го ноября 2009 года на территории Северной Америки.
Для издания God of War Collection, обе игры получили косметическое улучшение и много трофеев. У каждой игры будут свои трофеи.
Полный список наград:

Для игры GOD OF WAR

Бронза (Bronze)
-1.21 Gigawatts - Acquire Poseidon’s Rage
-Rocking Out - Acquire Medusa’s Gaze
-Bolt Action - Acquire Zeus’ Fury
-Sword Man - Acquire Blade of Artemis
-Soul Search - Acquire Army of Hades
-Matador - Win the first Minotaur fight
-Scape Goat - Win the first Satyr fight
-Roll Over … and Die - Win the first Cerberus fight
-Don’t They Ever Shut Up! - Defeat the Desert Sirens
-Beat a Dead Horse - Complete the Centaur sacrifice to Hades
-Kickboxer - Complete the Spike Room Box Puzzle
-Rockin’ the Boat - Complete the Sex Mini-Game
-Don’t Leave Her Hanging - Rescue the Oracle with 10 seconds to spare
-Get the Ball Rolling - Complete the Challenge of Atlas
-Totally Baked - Complete the Human sacrifice
-Splash - Kiss the Nyad
-Get Me a Beer Kid - Free yourself from the depths of Hades
-Zero Health = Bronze Trophy - Open a Health Chest when your health meter is already full
-Hitman - Get a 100 Hits Combo
-Getting My Ass Kicked - Die enough times to get offered Easy Mode

Серебро (Silver)
-Kratos’ Marble Collection - Collect all the Gorgon Eyes
-Stick it in Your Cap! - Collect all the Phoenix Feathers
-It’s the HUGE One - Retrieve the Captain’s Key
-Take the Bull by the Horns - Defeat Pandora’s Guardian
-God Killer - Kill Ares
-Head Hunter - Obtain the head of the Architect’s wife
-The Power to Kill a God - Retrieve Pandora’s Box
-Hitman 2 - Get a 200 Hits Combo
-Legend of the Twins - Watch the ‘Birth of the Beast’ Treasure
-Seeing Red - Max out all Weapons and Magic

Золото (Gold)
-Prepare to be a God - Beat the Game on any Difficulty
-You Got the Touch! - Climb the Spiked Column in Hades without taking damage
-I’ll Take the Physical Challenge - Complete the Challenge of the Gods
-Speed of Jason McDonald - Beat the game in under 5 hours on any Difficulty
-Key to Success - Collect all of the Muse Keys

Платина (Platinum)
-Trophy of Zeus - Unlock all God of War Trophies

Для игры GOD OF WAR II

Бронза (Bronze)
-Breaking Wind - Acquire Typhon’s Bane
-Big, Tuff, Buff and Rough - Acquire Rage of the Titans
-Blue Balls - Acquire Cronos’ Rage
-Shiner - Acquire the Golden Fleece
-Rock their World - Acquire the Head of Euryale
-Learning to Fly - Acquire the Icarus Wings
-Shaky Ground - Acquire Atlas Quake
-Death from Above 2009 - Defeat the Dark Rider for the first time
-Resurrection - Climb from the pit of Hades
-Rock Hard - Defeat the Titan Minotaur inside Atlas
-Pick’n on the Little Guy - Win the battle outside of the Palace of the Fates
-Watcha Got on the Hot Plate? - Solve the riddle of the Fire Phoenix Statue
-Whip it Good - Whip the Steeds of Time
-Lift with Your Knees - Topple the Temple in the Bog of the Forgotten
-Swinger - Cross the collapsing Grapple Bridge
-Stoner - Stone and Shatter 30 Enemies
-Super Sized - Get a 500 Hits Combo
-Hitting Your Stride - Power up any item

Серебро (Silver)
-Eye Can’t Believe it - Collect all the Gorgon Eyes
-Go Make a Pillow! - Collect all the Phoenix Feathers
-Eye Sore - Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes
-Boss Batch 1 - Kill the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dark Rider, and Theseus
-Boss Batch 2 - Kill the Barbarian King, Euryale, and Perseus
-Boss Batch 3 - Kill the Kraken and all three Sisters of Fate
-Daddy Issues - Defeat Zeus
-Rise and SHINE - Awaken the Phoenix
-Spread ‘Em - Open the wings of the Temple of the Fates
-Shine King - Open the door to the Temple of Euryale
-Blowin’ Your Wad - Max out all Weapons and Magic

Золото (Gold)
-The End Begins - Beat the Game on any Difficulty
-Feel the Urn - Collect and use at least 2 Urns of Power
-Bleeding Thumbs - Beat the Challenge of the Titans
-15 Min Fight Scene - Battle your way to the Loom Chamber in under 10 minutes
-You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff… - Collect all Uber Chests

Платина (Platinum)
-Trophy of Gaia - Unlock all God of War II Trophies
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